PolywogKim Jordan has a great deal of integrity and commitment to her craft. Her professional, caring demeanor  provides a comfortable space in which to address difficult issues. I highly recommend her.

Polly W., Los Angeles, Ca


It’s not easy to describe the work that Kim Jordan does, but the first word that comes to my mind is fearless. With tremendous patience and determination, she accompanies the person she works with into realms that are almost always unexpected. She does this without leading, without judging, and without expectations. The methods are powerful and one feels the effects quickly. I’ve recommended Kim to many people over the years and have never known anyone to be disappointed.

Cynthia M., Montreal, Canada

DanI just love the work of Kim Jordan. She knows how to listen and hear the depth of what I am saying. Being heard in that way is a blessing and very healing. Kim can take it to the next level and skillfully work with what she hears me saying. With her guidance I have had many powerful healing experiences and I feel so much gratitude for her. I just can’t recommend Kim highly enough.

Dan Z., Oakland, CA

SaundersWhen I first tried VAI several years ago, I knew that the process would change patterns for me, and it did. VAI is a fascinating method for gaining access to the places that the rational mind does not want to go. Kim Jordan has been an incredible help to me in this process. She is fearless and full of compassion and determination. During sessions she stays completely present and through it all she is gentle, humorous, and kind. I can’t say enough good things about her.

Matt S., Chicago, Il.

GetInlineVAI is a very simple practice. It is noninvasive, and allows participants to consciously release past identities that are manifesting as negative thought patterns or self-destructive behaviors. It is a process that has allowed me to enjoy a sense of relaxed inner peace. Kim Jordan, as a guide, is compassionate, caring, and ethical. If one is willing to do the work, she can facilitate positive results every time.

Hoshi H., Los Angeles, Ca.

DaleI started working on myself when I was twenty eight years old, and I just turned seventy this year. I’ve worked with some amazing people over the years, doing Gestalt, Reichian breathing, Holotropic breathing, and lots of deep tissue body work. I started working with Kim about five years ago and she is amazing. I think of what Kim and I do together as inner gestalt work.  For years I’ve gone over the ground of my childhood and the conditioning I learned then, and yet I’ve never had a session with Kim in which she didn’t surprise me.  She is extremely intuitive, and very compassionate. I’m so glad to have found her.

Dale Z., Oakland, CA

punching el rod 14-30-17Kim’s work is effective, especially with a series of follow-up sessions. She works with various aspects of my personality to facilitate a blending of opposing forces that normally remain hidden from my conscious mind, and I find myself one step closer to the truth of myself with every session.

Joe C., San Francisco, Ca.

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