Let’s Pretend This Is All Real!

Easter_Bunny_Postcard_1907My Easter story begins with the Great San Francisco Egg Hunt of 2010. It was held in the windy backyard of my dear friend Victoria Gun Goddess. She had gone to great lengths to create a traditional experience for the children of an alternative world –  the San Francisco Underground Art Community. We had a small but wildly uninhibited group of fashionable kids in attendance, and they scoured for dyed eggs tucked away behind west coast shrubs and repurposed junk. One of these darlings was my four-year-old goddaughter, the amazing Bo Wyatt. 

When the eggs were all rounded up I returned with Bo and her parents to Bernal Heights. A few other friends showed up to chat and drink wine around the kitchen table. Bo had been playing alone in her room for some time when she rushed in to make an announcement. She was visibly electrified by a stroke of brilliance and with arms spread wide she invited us to share in her immense idea, 

“I know! she said, “Let’s pretend this is ALL REAL!”

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