Your Cosmological Power of Emergence


Feel the cosmos support your emergence. This poster is designed to remind you! Purchase link at the bottom of this post.

Is there some way you long to emerge into the world? Some way you feel compelled to reveal your truth? To share your unique combination of gifts? Who inside you is longing to shine? 

If this last question evoked an answer for you, consider taking a moment to jot it down, because the words that came are powerful in their creative exactness. I’ll give you an exercise to go with them shortly, but first, let’s appreciate your power of emergence. The cosmic understanding will enhance your experience of the exercise.   

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A Simple Technique for Making Difficult Decisions

Lil4Decision-making can be psychologically agonizing. Should I take this job offer or wait for something better? Is this house the right one to buy? Is it time to end this relationship or commit to it more fully? Often we spin ourselves into mental loops that only prolong and exacerbate the stress. If you’re getting stuck in indecision, here’s a very simple exercise that calls on your body wisdom for help.

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