Scientific Evidence for Generational Wounds


My Maternal Grandmother

A Discover Magazine article caught my attention this week. It’s entitled “Grandma’s Experiences Leave a Mark on Your Genes” by Dan Hurly (July/Aug 2013.) Despite certain journalistic shortcomings, (an unclear chronology of events and some unchecked androcentrism,) I found the article noteworthy and thought you might too, for it cites experimental evidence that emotional wounds can be passed down for generations.

For many, the reality of generational wounding is clearly observable and experientially obvious. We internalize our parent’s wounds and also form identities in relation to their wounds, and they did the same with their parents, and so on. For some, however, proof of generational wounding is an epiphany, which means it has the potential, if it becomes common knowledge, to contribute to the emergence of a more conscious, compassionate humanity. Continue reading