Your Cosmological Power of Emergence


Feel the cosmos support your emergence. This poster is designed to remind you! Purchase link at the bottom of this post.

Is there some way you long to emerge into the world? Some way you feel compelled to reveal your truth? To share your unique combination of gifts? Who inside you is longing to shine? 

If this last question evoked an answer for you, consider taking a moment to jot it down, because the words that came are powerful in their creative exactness. I’ll give you an exercise to go with them shortly, but first, let’s appreciate your power of emergence. The cosmic understanding will enhance your experience of the exercise.   

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Here’s to a Highly Creative, Deeply Rewarding 2017!


Panel on the Procession Way from Markduk Temple to Akitu Temple, Ancient Babylon

Did you know that the earliest known New Year’s festivities date back to ancient Babylon? Unearthed clay tablets tell us they do, making the current celebration at least a 4000-year-old tradition. For the ancient Babylonians, however, the New Year wasn’t marked by a revelatory countdown to midnight with some individuals utilizing the occasion as an opportunity for self-motivation. For these ancient peoples, it was a massive celebration of another year of victory over the forces of chaos.

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Be Your Own Coach!

I’ve created a product for you! The Be Your Own Coach calendar offers monthly self-reflection tools that you can use to resolve inner conflict, deepen your relationships, liberate your essential gifts, fine tune your self awareness, embrace the present moment and engage with the world fully. The exercises and artwork are a complete collaboration between myself and art/activist Hoshi Hana. These exercises save us a great deal of time and energy, and we hope they do the same for you.

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Mindfulness, Tantra, and Ziggy Stardust for Lovers


In The Heart of the Buddha’s Teaching, Vietnamese poet and monk Thict Nhat Hahn teaches the concept of mindfulness by describing the attentiveness of a lover who is being fully present with his beloved. I found the intimacy of his example so touching I was inspired to share it with you for Valentine’s Day. Perhaps you can put it to good use this weekend, or at some point in the future, and with that in mind, I’ll also share an ingenious lovability practice that I picked up from a “tantric sex” teacher named Jwala, then I’ll sprinkle it all with some erotic wisdom from David Bowie. Interested?

To introduce mindfulness, Hahn asks his reader to consider that we’re always “giving our attention” to someone or something. In Buddhist psychology, however, only attention that is given to the present moment is mindful or “appropriate” attention, while attention given to anything else is considered “inappropriate.” This criteria makes mindfulness an very elusive goal, as I’m sure you’ve discovered if you’ve ever tried to meditate. Human attention is just so easily pulled into different directions by our thoughts, emotions, and “habit energies,” that mindfulness has to be a continuous practice, as in over and over, of “remembering to come back to the present moment.”

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