Let’s Pretend This Is All Real!

Easter_Bunny_Postcard_1907My Easter story begins with the Great San Francisco Egg Hunt of 2010. It was held in the windy backyard of my dear friend Victoria Gun Goddess. She had gone to great lengths to create a traditional experience for the children of an alternative world –  the San Francisco Underground Art Community. We had a small but wildly uninhibited group of fashionable kids in attendance, and they scoured for dyed eggs tucked away behind west coast shrubs and repurposed junk. One of these darlings was my four-year-old goddaughter, the amazing Bo Wyatt. 

When the eggs were all rounded up I returned with Bo and her parents to Bernal Heights. A few other friends showed up to chat and drink wine around the kitchen table. Bo had been playing alone in her room for some time when she rushed in to make an announcement. She was visibly electrified by a stroke of brilliance and with arms spread wide she invited us to share in her immense idea, 

“I know! she said, “Let’s pretend this is ALL REAL!”

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Your Cosmological Power of Emergence


Feel the cosmos support your emergence. This poster is designed to remind you! Purchase link at the bottom of this post.

Is there some way you long to emerge into the world? Some way you feel compelled to reveal your truth? To share your unique combination of gifts? Who inside you is longing to shine? 

If this last question evoked an answer for you, consider taking a moment to jot it down, because the words that came are powerful in their creative exactness. I’ll give you an exercise to go with them shortly, but first, let’s appreciate your power of emergence. The cosmic understanding will enhance your experience of the exercise.   

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Here’s to a Highly Creative, Deeply Rewarding 2017!


Panel on the Procession Way from Markduk Temple to Akitu Temple, Ancient Babylon

Did you know that the earliest known New Year’s festivities date back to ancient Babylon? Unearthed clay tablets tell us they do, making the current celebration at least a 4000-year-old tradition. For the ancient Babylonians, however, the New Year wasn’t marked by a revelatory countdown to midnight with some individuals utilizing the occasion as an opportunity for self-motivation. For these ancient peoples, it was a massive celebration of another year of victory over the forces of chaos.

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Mindfulness, Tantra, and Ziggy Stardust for Lovers


In The Heart of the Buddha’s Teaching, Vietnamese poet and monk Thict Nhat Hahn teaches the concept of mindfulness by describing the attentiveness of a lover who is being fully present with his beloved. I found the intimacy of his example so touching I was inspired to share it with you for Valentine’s Day. Perhaps you can put it to good use this weekend, or at some point in the future, and with that in mind, I’ll also share an ingenious lovability practice that I picked up from a “tantric sex” teacher named Jwala, then I’ll sprinkle it all with some erotic wisdom from David Bowie. Interested?

To introduce mindfulness, Hahn asks his reader to consider that we’re always “giving our attention” to someone or something. In Buddhist psychology, however, only attention that is given to the present moment is mindful or “appropriate” attention, while attention given to anything else is considered “inappropriate.” This criteria makes mindfulness an very elusive goal, as I’m sure you’ve discovered if you’ve ever tried to meditate. Human attention is just so easily pulled into different directions by our thoughts, emotions, and “habit energies,” that mindfulness has to be a continuous practice, as in over and over, of “remembering to come back to the present moment.”

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WINTER IS COMING! Where Are Your Dragons?

KimTargaryenI’m one short month away from completing my philosophy MA, so why, you may wonder, am I spending my precious time blogging about Game of Thrones? If you must ask yourself that question you have clearly avoided the GOT vortex. You’re not eagerly anticipating the release of Season 5 this very evening. You’ve never directed a GOT theme song dance or listened to a podcast on Heart Trees, and you’ll have no idea what I mean when I say I must consider the plight of Daenaryes Stormborn, for that, dear reader, is my concern…

but first I must mention the zombies.

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Talk To Me

CinemaaustraliaWelcome to my first movie review in which I encourage a conversation about a recent release, human consciousness, and social justice transformation. I’ll also offer you links to some intriguing articles, individuals, and organizations, so let’s get started with…

The Hunger Games – Mockingjay

First I must admit to being captivated by Jennifer Lawrence’s brooding portrayal of the truth-delivering revolutionary Katniss Everdeen. I’m also compelled by the many similarities Katniss shares with the ancient Goddess Artemis, (seen below with her bow and arrow, ready to protect prepubescent girls,) but I’ve also enjoyed the series for its value as an all-out socio-political show stopper. Mockingjay is the third release in the Hunger Games series which takes the current trend of increasing income disparity to hairraisingly-futuristic-though-not-entirely-out-of-the-realm-of Continue reading