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FOV4How I Coach

As your coach, I’ll give you my full attention and will be adept at seeing connections between your present and past experiences. I’ll work empathically as needed and intuitively when it happens. As an empath, I’ll go on your journey with you to sense what you’re experiencing. As an intuitive, I’ll receive visual and auditory information that I will then test to see if it elicits a response in your body.

I’m known for my listening skills, courage, humor, and commitment. I’ve even been called “the world’s deepest life coach” because I’ll go to the beginning of creation if that’s where your process takes us.

Why I Coach

I consider it an honor to facilitate inner conflict resolution and support authentic emergence. I love providing people with a completely non-judgmental space to liberate themselves in. Also, I enjoy the challenge of being fully present that life coaching demands.

My Ideal Clients

My ideal clients are willing to look curiously and honestly inside of themselves for clarity and inspiration. They’re also committed to supporting their own emergence by honoring the Activation Assignments that arise from their inquiry.

Activation Assignments are practical action steps, playful assignments, or personal inner practices that come at the request of your authentic self. This combination of inner exploration and outer practice is the transformational formula of Emerge Inner Life Coaching.

Facilitator Credentials



I’ve been a certified Voice Activated Integration (VAI) facilitator since 2004. VAI is a verbal inquiry method that can be used to resolve inner conflict and support authentic emergence. The technique was developed by John Hoyle and is a flowering of the work of G. I. Gurdjieff, the early 20th c. spiritual teacher who is known for bringing the Enneagram to the West. I apprenticed with John Hoyle from 2000 to 2004. During that time I also worked intensively with his former nonprofit organization The Institute of Conscious Studies (ICS.)

519Ygll8EFL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_I consider my time spent with ICS to be precious and extraordinary. By working with a spiritual guide named Theosis and by exploring the human archetypes with VAI, we developed a map that can be used to bring about conscious evolution.

I also co-authored a book with John entitled Voice Activated Integration – An Experiential Way to Unlock the Unconscious and Free the Body of the Energy of the Past. In summary, I possess a deep trust in VAI as a tool to bring about personal and collective transformation. It has allowed me to make great progress in my personal journey and has yet to cease to amaze me.

Coaching Credentials

I am certified as a Life Coach by the Life Coaching Institute of Orange County. This organization teaches coaching aligned with the perennial wisdom – the understanding that all the best answers to your questions will ultimately come from you.

Graduate Level Studies


My office in Cary, NC

In 2015, I completed the master’s program in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness (PCC) at the California Institute of Integral Studies in SF. This broad, deep program aims “to shape the leadership necessary for profound, progressive transformation of social institutions and individual consciousness.” The experience eased my mind greatly by answering many of my long-standing questions. I left with the resources I needed to further my own research into comparative religion and the evolution of human consciousness, and if that’s not enough, the general atmosphere provided me with the experience of a nonsexist environment – a blessing that, in and of itself, was transformative.

My earlier masters degree was completed in the 1980s at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. UNC offered a program at that time called Human Performance. It allowed me to study both psychology and physiology, though at that time there was no focus on the connection between the two.

Other Experiences & Influences


1000 Van Ness, San Francisco

My commitment to my own personal healing has led me to many interesting places. I’m certified as a massage practitioner by the Harbin School of Healing Arts in Middletown, California and as a yoga teacher by the Integral Yoga Institute of San Francisco. I also studied expressive arts therapy with Anna Halprin at the Tamalpa Institute in Marin County and the 5 Rhythms movement practice with Gabrielle Roth throughout the Bay Area. In addition, I’ll mention three experiences that have formed me.

During my 24 years in San Francisco, I enjoyed the wonderfully supportive, creative sanctuary of the underground art community where I utilized performance as a therapeutic modality. I not only emerged in this community as a performance artist and performance poet, but I gained a great appreciation for creative expression and community values, and I am eternally grateful for all those who witnessed my truth.


Lakota Medicine Wheel

While in the Bay Area, I was also deeply affected by my time spent with the Seven Circles Foundation in Lagunitas. Seven Circles is “an educational organization established to promote and support spiritual practices based on the ancient ways of Native American Indigenous People.”

I found the Lakota Sun Dance to be especially profound. During this four day ceremony, participants dance and pray from sun-up to sun-down. In addition, they take no food or water and they are pierced through the chest and are tied to a ritually-prepared tree. Their intention is to open a vortex to the Great Spirit with their prayers and sacrifice. At the end of the dance, all attendees are invited into the Ceremonial Arbor to receive healing. As I entered the sacred arbor and approached the tree, I was brought to my knees in an unexpected moment of awareness of God the Father.

LatinCrossThe third and more recent experience was a spontaneous Christ event that occurred while I was sitting in silence. I’ll add, however, that I was taking a class called “Krishna, Buddha, Christ” through CIIS at the time, and I found myself particularly moved by the esoteric Christianity of Rudolf Steiner so my studies may have opened me up to the experience. Regardless, the event was a total game-changer because it ignited the substance of my soul.

At present, I am enjoying exploring the combination of nature, silence, and poetry through my Meetup group, Deep Nature Poets. If you live in or near Cary, NC, please consider joining me.

Thank you for reading this far! If you have any questions about my work or would like to have a powerful conversation about you, please call me at 415-845-9135. You can also fill out the contact form below or claim your “Free To Be Me!” session online. Click the button below.

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