Authentic Allowing


Dear Valued Human Being,

Experience the joy of Authentic Allowing. Be true to yourself and let your life unfold!

This self-coaching calendar offers monthly practices designed to infuse your year with greater clarity, focus and ease. It was designed by me and my dear friend, LA-based artist Hoshi Hana. Some of the transformational tools it includes can give you a life boost. Others may serve as lifelong practices. Some are simple and some require deeper self-reflection. Some are versions of traditional practices and others I devised from my coaching experience.

The practices and inspirational artwork are designed to be mutually enhancing. The minimalist designs will offer you symbolic reminders of your intentions, so if you decide to purchase a calendar place it prominently! The results you experience will vary according to your present state and how consistently you apply the practices. Only try the ones you feel comfortable with. Also, this calendar is not designed to replace traditional therapy, psychiatry, or a professional coaching relationship, so if you need professional help please seek it.

We’re sharing these transformational tools because we love the way they’ve enhanced our lives and we hope they serve you, too. If you like you can purchase your calendar by following the link below to It’s in a Print-on-Demand format and you can get yours delivered by Christmas if you purchase by Dec. 20th. The cost is $37 with shipping (shipping costs are, unfortunately, high) if you apply the discount code GIFTNOW.


Wishing you a presence-filled year,

Kim & Hoshi



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