Be Your Own Coach!

I’ve created a product for you! The Be Your Own Coach calendar offers monthly self-reflection tools that you can use to resolve inner conflict, deepen your relationships, liberate your essential gifts, fine tune your self awareness, embrace the present moment and engage with the world fully. The exercises and artwork are a complete collaboration between myself and art/activist Hoshi Hana. These exercises save us a great deal of time and energy, and we hope they do the same for you.

Some of these exercises will give you a life boost and some may serve as lifelong practices. That being said, only try the exercises that you feel comfortable with. This self-coaching toolkit is not a replacement for traditional therapy, psychiatry, or a professional coaching relationship, so when you need professional help please seek it. If you know of a special someone who might benefit from what Be Your Own Coach offers, consider gifting this calendar or sharing this link with them. It’s available in medium (the link above) or large sizes (the link below) through Click to purchase. Thank you!

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