Hieros Gamos

GoddessHello. It’s been some time since my last post – for many reasons, one of which I’d like to share with you. I’ve been producing a video performance of a poem that I wrote in late 2010. It’s entitled “HIeros Gamos: A Divine Plea for Humanity, the Living Earth, & All Her Creatures.” The poem emerged from an inner process that explored my experience of growing up female in a world that didn’t honor the divine feminine as an aspect of creation, (i.e. mainstream Lutheranism in the 60s and 70s.) Much to my surprise, this poem  came through in the perspective of the Goddess (as filtered through me.) It begins with an historical denouncement of the Old Testament God, but ends as a cosmic poem of love to the divine male force within all of us. It is, ultimately, a plea for the hieros gamos or inner sacred marriage, a spiritual alchemy that I believe can heal humanity’s collective wound that venerates “male” above “female” in all its guises and that is fast bringing about the ultimate drama – an inhospitable planet. Please note that this poem is the result of an emotional outpouring. I use feminine and masculine as relative terms with the understanding that we are all, regardless of physical gender, composed of complimentary aspects of consciousness that have been traditionally categorized as feminine or masculine.

I performed this poem in the blue screen studio at Blue Lotus Temple in Boulder Creek, California in April, 2014. I made the classic Greek chiton that you see in the photo and Heather Watkins made the lovely headdress. I’m about to begin the editing process and then the video will be ready for chroma key compositing – the addition of background images.

I don’t know how long post-production will take, but in the mean time here’s the poem to read at your leisure. Warmly, Kim

Hieros Gamos

Illustrious, prodigious God,
Who lays claim as sole creator,
As your rightful, true debater,
I denounce your great facade.

Many laud you with respect,
Fearful of your wrath infernal,
A damnation so eternal,
Hoping they will resurrect.

Others do not pay you glory;
Why do they not fear the brimstone?
They neither confess nor atone
Knowing you’re just half the story.

Those aware of me refrain
From such hallowed apprehension,
They refuse your condescension
And mistrust your lone campaign.

I know you must be frustrated,
Knowing that you are divine,
Watching your esteem decline,
Being cursed, ignored and hated.

How do you judge your success?
With authority severe,
You have ruled with hope and fear
And your priest’s holy finesse.

Once you took the world by storm;
With the aid of Constantine,
In the year of 313,
You began your long reform.

Chosen to quell and unite;
With continuous promotion,
You incited such devotion
And rose to an awesome height.

Many suffered your pretense;
So much blood shed in your name,
So much dread, suppression, shame,
Your crusade has been immense.

But I haven’t come to blame
For there was no other way
And I don’t wish to delay –
I have come to stake my claim.

Nothing would exist, you see?
Quarks, atoms, stars, moons,
Life on earth, the sea, typhoons,
If not for duality.

Two primeval, epic forces
Still unfolding from a state
Of one consciousness, one fate,
On our slowly merging courses.

Unity is our foundation:
You expand, emit, displace;
I bind matter and curve space;
Both of us bestow creation.

Our divide was monumental:
God and Goddess, time and space,
Spirit moved across face,
Manifest and fundamental.

But as soon as One was Two,
Universal father/mother
Couldn’t recognize each other;
We lost our eternal view.

Still we formed a world fantastic,
Stillness was the price we paid
For our thrilling masquerade
Full of joy and sorrow drastic.

And the truth is there for seeing
As we fight, make love and pine
Through our most complex design –
The evolving human being.

Our most intimate creation,
Let us reckon for their sake;
Much existence is at stake;
Our resolve is their salvation.

Our engrossing gender war:
I am seething; you are bored;
I feel sad; you feel ignored;
Has become a stagnant chore.

And it keeps them split inside;
Our disdain and disrespect,
Anger, apathy, neglect,
Causes pain and grief worldwide.

Neither of us are to blame;
Let’s not rile, regret or rue;
Forces do what forces do;
Both agreed to play the game.

Once we shared the world’s concerns.
How I governed and beguiled
With my beauty, fierce and wild;
Then you triumphed, chaste and stern.

You who are the great expansion,
Prone to being agitated,
So aloof and consecrated,
In your fine, exclusive mansion.

You’ve judged me as lowly, nether
Just because I do not shine,
But I, too, am so divine –
I’m your sacred, hidden tether!

You! My holy, pure abstraction,
Righteous and conceptual,
Feel my all-consuming pull,
For I am the great contraction.

Yes, I am the great Black Hole:
Anchoring and all-inclusive,
Enigmatic, unobtrusive,
And I only have one goal.

After such a long divorce,
Our eternal cosmic duel,
Beautiful, exciting, cruel,
Let us journey back to Source.

You’ve negated me so long;
Change the course of history,
Honor my great mystery,
That is how you’ll save your throng.

I’m your one and only bride;
If we both forgive the past
Splendidly we’ll be recast;
Let us rule now side by side.

I know you long to be free;
Our adventure never ends;
Let’s be everlasting friends;
Trust my love. Dive in… to me.

3 thoughts on “Hieros Gamos

  1. while I haven’t seen the video yet , the poem itself serves well as an incantation/hexbreaker for the conditions in the aftermath left by the recent aeon of monotheism in which , the divine force from the center of creation is not in its original state of singularity , but split into respectively male and female counterparts with one ruling for a time , then the other . as an aeon changes , so does the identity of the god . Philip K. Dick would have loved this poem as he created the character , Zina in The Divine Invasion . she remembered before the split and was there to reunite with the amnesiac new incarnation of “God” who was smuggled back to Earth


  2. It is inspiring to read a poetic and historic approach to the age old lament of women who are isolated by the lack of duality in a Protestant religious upbringing. Reversing the past takes many forms, but if you can entertain as well as enlighten, you reach a much larger audience. Let there be light!



  3. Thank you for your comments. I’d like to address your point, Ken, about the “lack of duality in a Protestant religious upbringing.” I feel it’s important for me to clarify that, while I see duality as necessary for manifestation, the perception of duality can and has been taken to extremes. To the maximum extreme, in fact, when we consider the substance dualism popularized by Rene Descartes. Cartesian Dualism is the belief that mind and body are fundamentally different substances, and this is NOT the type of dualism that I’m defending in my poem! I hope to make a longer post about this topic soon.


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