Transform your world from the inside out.

FOV3Be who you are and do what you love with Emerge Inner Life Coaching. I’m Kim Jordan and I offer powerful one-on-one sessions that combine the results-oriented support of life coaching with the added impact of VAI.

VAI is a transformative inquiry method that allows you to…

  • free yourself of limiting identities that you formed in the past
  • reclaim vital aspects of your essential self
  • clarify your values and goals
  • focus your attention on what you really want to create
  • enjoy a life of greater alignment with who you really are
  • enrich your experience of your loved ones, the living Earth community, & the Divine

Complimentary “Free To Be Me!” Session

Transform Your World From The Inside Out by hoshi hana and kim jordan

Transform Your World from the Inside Out

Your authentic emergence begins with your complimentary “Free to Be Me!” Session. During this 30-minute phone or in-office conversation, I’ll listen to the more vital you that is longing to be free. As you clarify your desires we’ll discover an immediate way for you to support them. You can ask me questions about my work and if we feel we’re a match you can book a coaching session or buy a package that fits your needs. I offer my pricing up front on my Sessions & Packages page.

Below I describe the inquiry method I use, the personalized tools you’ll take home to support your emergence, and the deep levels of integration that are possible with Emerge Inner Life Coaching, so please keep reading if you like. Or if you’re already feeling an intuitive yes, get started by booking your “Free To Be Me!” session now. Click the button below to schedule online, call me at 415-845-9135, or scroll to the bottom of the page for a contact form. I’m looking forward to hearing about you!

Free To Be Me


As a coach, I’ll ask you powerful questions to help you answer the questions you’re having about your life. At times you might notice some inner conflict that requires a deeper focus to resolve. When this happens you’ll have the opportunity to experience VAI or Voice Activated Integration. With this surprisingly effective inquiry method, we’ll let your body responses be our guide as you remember who you really are and what you truly desire.

Along the way you can liberate yourself from limiting identities that you formed in the past to adapt to reality (to family members, societal norms, etc.) These identities served a purpose at one time – they may have kept you safe in some way, spared you from criticism, or allowed you to be rewarded with affection – but you’re most likely reading this website because you’re tired of the patterns they create in your life.

Ground Yourself and Bloom by hoshi hana and kim jordan

Liberate Yourself from Limiting Identities

Identities that no longer serve you create situations that no longer serve you. They’re all the ways you feel stuck, limited or lost, but they also conceal vital aspects of your authentic self and so hold the keys to your fulfillment. With honest, inner exploration, we can track the cause of your conflict back to an identity that is longing to be free of the past, and whether an adult, teenager or child, we’ll dialogue with that identity directly at its developmental stage and with absolute non-judgment.

There’s a big difference between talking about the way you’re stuck and speaking with the part of you that is stuck. It’s more interesting and you get greater results! You’ll find aspects of yourself that have been waiting a long time to be given this kind of attention. It’s the kind of attention that can transform fear into confidence, confusion into clarity, and frustration into ease. Together we can reveal the wisdom, power, brilliance and joy you have hidden from the world.

Activation Assignments & Midway Motivators

Activation Assignments emerge from your process. They’ll be something your authentic self has requested to nurture its fulfillment and will consist of practical action steps, a playful assignment, and/or a personal inner practice. This external follow-up work is crucial to your emergence, so I’ll hold you gently and enthusiastically accountable for it. With commitment, you’ll gain mastery of many techniques for coaching yourself in the moment.

Following the Thread

Each time we meet we will follow the thread of your journey. The frequency of your sessions will depend on many factors including your goals and challenges, your commitment to the activation assignments, your available time and energy, and the depth of your inquiry. If you’re ready to get started, book your complimentary “Free To Be Me!” strategy session online now. You can also call me at 415-845-9135 or scroll down for a contact form.

Free To Be Me

Working with Generational Themes

live in wonder by hoshi hana and kim jordan-1

Release Generational Belief Systems

The process of liberating yourself from undesirable patterns often involves tracking a belief system back through your lineage. Generational work is deep work that occurs within your own being. In other words, you don’t have to contact your relatives to do it! You will, however, be amazed with the amount of historical information your body stores and with your ability to access it. You’ll also feel the freedom of a weight lifting as your body releases generations of old world views such as beauty standards, poverty mentalities, or whatever has been limiting your experience of life. You might also notice that the work you do improves your relationship with your parents, grandparents and children. (If interested, see my blog entry entitled “Scientific Evidence for Generational Wounds” dated August 2013.)

Working with Early Impressions and Essence Themes

By looking inward, you might discover the source of a tiresome pattern to be a very early impression of this world, such as your experience of being born or your time spent in the womb. You might even find the source to be your moment of incarnation or a memory from a past life. I call these levels of exploration “essence themes.” They often relieve long-standing resistance and can dramatically shift a pattern that no longer serves you into a fulfilling life purpose.

Working with Archetypes & Fundamental Polarities

You might also choose to work with your dominant archetypes. Examples include the martyr, perfectionist, warrior, helper, creative type, working mom, etc. This level of integration is deeply rewarding because it offers great liberation from personal story.

It can also lead into an even deeper reconciliation of the fundamental polarities that are the source of so much fear, conflict and suffering in our world, i.e. liberal/conservative, male/female, faith/reason, etc.

Inner conflict resolution with archetypes and fundamental polarities not only transform you and your reality in a profoundly personal way, but it may also shift our collective consciousness and so has the potential to effect social change.

Conscious Evolution

Embrace the Present by hoshi hana and kim jordan

Consciously Evolve

Emerge Inner Life Coaching is an interactive experience. It is not about being “fixed” or “healed.” Each process is an opportunity to consciously choose a greater awareness of your authentic self within the context of a bigger picture, if and only if that is your desire in the moment. There is never a have-to.

Getting Started

Feel free to explore any issue with my assurance of confidentiality & non-judgment. All you need to get started is a longing for change, a desire for truth, and a willingness to feel yourself deeply. Book your complimentary “Free To Be Me” strategy session online now. You can also call me at 415.845.9135 or email me with the contact form below. I’m looking forward to hearing about you.

Free To Be Me